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    Go Green!

    • Why Green?

      Letting Laser Re-Nu support your efforts in going green does several things for your office and community efforts. It lowers office supplies costs, which reduces your impact on the environment, as well as assists you in practicing responsible purchasing on products by choosing less expensive, socially responsible products. Below are some of our programs, products and suggestions for “Keeping You Green”.

    • Cartridge Recycling Program

      In addition to our Toner Buy Back Program we can roll your empty toners into our Cartridge Recycling Program which replaces your empties with our environmental recycled products. This includes all shipping and handling charges.

    • Biobased and Soy Products

      How about an alternative to oil-based toner cartridges? Made of soy bean oil, each cartridge reduces the carbon footprint by 2-3 liters of oil with every soy cartridge. Bio-based and soy products are also showing up in office supplies in everything from pens to cups.

    • Product packaging

      We work toward finding shipping material suppliers that can provide us with product constructed of 80% recycled paper.

    • Pre-Owned Office Equipment

      There are several factors that go into the green solution of a printer, copier or fax machine and the best place to start is in a previously-owned device. All of the following are available for you at Laser Re-Nu:

    • Sleep mode devices

      This model has a sleep mode during inactive periods and can save up to 60% of power use. Laser Re-Nu can provide you with a Sleep Mode unit that is Energy Star compliant.

    • Post consumer waste materials, easily dismantled parts, minimal coatings and labeled parts

      When selecting previously-owned machines, Laser Re-Nu considers the manufacturer’s commitment to maintaining a supply of replacement parts, both for your longevity of use as well as to keep them out of landfills. The average human throws out 1,500 pounds of garbage each year. If we don’t take steps to reuse soon our world will be a dump pile very soon!

    • Automatic double-sided printing

      In addition to saving paper, paper that has been printed on a laser can be recycled and can also use recycled paper.

    • Consumable parts

      When a toner cartridge and drum are grouped together both must be replaced. Single components such as cartridges, drums, belts and fusers are much greener alternatives than grouped components where waste is produced when only one product is spent. Laser Re-Nu helps you find equipment where you can replace single components only as needed.

    • Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) emission

      Different printing models produce different VOC emissions. Laser Re-Nu will walk you through your different choices.