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    ´╗┐´╗┐Toners & Inks

    • Originial Equipment Manufactuer (OEM)

      While Laser Re-Nu sells original products to our customers there are several “green” facts we also consider. The typical manufacturing process involved in making a new cartridge requires the burning of fossil fuel, specifically oil or natural gas. On average, three quarts of oil are burned to make each new cartridge.

    • Remanufactured, Recycled & Soy

      Green toners are available in several forms. Some consider Remanufactured the “greenest” option available. In contrast to recycling, remanufacturing recaptures large fractions of all resources that go into a product’s manufacture. This translates to the cost of labor, energy, capital and manufacturing operations (the largest element of the product’s cost), therefore reducing a product to its element value. Laser Re-Nu believes remanufactured toners are the superior choice both economically and environmentally. Savings can be up to 28% per inkjet and 33% per laser cartridge. In addition, remanufactured toners save an approximate 73.5 million pounds worth of parts from landfills each year, cast off from the recycled process.

    • Recycled

      Recycling, another great choice to keep green, converts collected product back into raw material to be used for making an original or compatible product. Laser Re-Nu’s recycled/compatible products are guaranteed and we provide a full replacement for any product that doesn’t work.

    • Toner Inventory

    Laser Re-Nu carries a wide variety of toner and is able to acquire any recycled, new, remanufactured, or compatible brand and model.  We also carry specialty toner such as plotter toners, MICR toner-check printing toners, medical equipment printing toners and more which are all available through Laser Re-Nu.

     Call to get a quote today!  Why call for quotes instead of buying directly online?  The markets change daily and by calling in for a quote you get a more accurate price.  This enables us to give you the best deal available.  Not one placed on a website months ago.

    Below is our popular list; but not the extent of our regular inventory. Please call us today for any need and we can fulfill it!

    OEM # Description
    M4683 G/A Apple 12/640
    M0089ll/A Apple plw ls/ntr/nt/sc
    M2045 G/A Apple Laserwriter 4/600, 300/320
    M6002 Apple Laserwriter II Series
    M2473 G/A Apple Laserwriter 16/600, Pro 600 Series
    M1960G/A Apple Laserwriter Select 300/310/360
    M5893 G/A Apple Laserwriter 8500
    OEM # Description
    DR-200 Brother Dr200 Drum Unit
    DR-250 Brother Dr250 Drum Unit
    DR-350 Brother Dr350 Drum Unit
    DR-360 Brother Hl2140/2170W Drum
    DR-360  Brother Dr360  Brother Dr360 Drum Unit 
    DR-400 Brother Dr400 Drum Unit
    DR-500 Brother Dr500 Drum Unit
    DR-510 Brother Dr510 Drum Unit
    DR-520 Brother Dr520 Drum Unit
    DR-600  Brother Dr600  Brother Dr600 Drum Unit
    DR-620  Brother Dr620  Brother Dr620 Drum Unit
    PC_202RF Brother Intellifax 1170-1970Mc (2 Refills)
    PC-101 Brother Intellifax 1150/1950 (Ctg)
    PC-102RF Brother Intellifax 1150/1950 (2 Refills)
    PC-201 Brother Intellifax 1170 - 1970Mc (Ctg)
    PC-301 Brother Mfc770/970 Mc Ribbon Ctg W/Roll
    PC-302RF Brother Intellifax 750/770/Mfc970 (2 Refills)
    PC-401 Brother Mfc 660Mc - Fax Ribbon
    PC-402RF Brother Mfc 660Mc Ribbon
    PC-91 Brother Intellifax 900/1500Ml
    PC-92RF Brother Intellifax 900/1500Ml (2 Refills)
    TN-04BK  Brother Tn04Bk  Hl 2700/Mfc9420 Cn Toner
    TN-04C  Brother Tn04C  Hl 2700/Mfc9420 Cn Toner
    TN-04M  Brother Tn04M  Hl 2700/Mfc9420 Cn Toner
    TN-04Y  Brother Tn04Y  Hl 2700/Mfc9420 Cn Toner
    TN-100HL Brother Hl 600 Series
    TN-100PF Brother Ppf 2300Ml/2500Ml/Mfc3500/5500Ml
    TN-100PF Brother Ppf 2300Ml/2400Ml/2500Ml
    TN-115BK  Brother DCP-9040CN, DCP-9045CDN, HL-4040CN, HL-4070CDW Black
    TN-115C  Brother DCP-9040CN, DCP-9045CDN, HL-4040CN, HL-4070CDW Cyan
    TN-115M  Brother DCP-9040CN, DCP-9045CDN, HL-4040CN, HL-4070CDW Magenta
    TN-115Y  Brother DCP-9040CN, DCP-9045CDN, HL-4040CN, HL-4070CDW Yellow
    TN-210BK Brother MFC-9320CW, DCP-9010CN Black
    TN-210C Brother MFC-9320CW, DCP-9010CN Cyan
    TN-210M Brother MFC-9320CW, DCP-9010CN Magenta
    TN-210Y Brother MFC-9320CW, DCP-9010CN Yellow
    TN200HL/TN300HL Brother Hl 720/730Ex/1040/1060
    TN-250 Brother Intelifax 2800/3800/4800/6800
    TN-300HL Brother Hl 1040/1060/Mfc P200
    TN-330 Brother Hl 2140/2170W Toner
    TN-350 Brother Dcp 7020, Hl 2040, 2070 Mfc7420, 7820N
    TN-360 Brother Hl 2140/2170W Hi Cap
    TN-460 Brother Hl 1240/1440
    TN-5000 Brother Ppf 3550/4350/6550/7550
    TN-5000PF Brother Ppf 3550/3650
    TN-560 Brother Hl 1650/1850
    TN-570 Brother Hl 5140/5150/5170
    TN-580 Brother Hl 5240/5250/5280
    TN-650 Brother Hl 5340D, Hl5350Dn, Dcp8085Dn, Mfc8480Dn
    TN-670  Brother Tn670  Tn670 Toner
    TN-700 Brother Hl7050, 7050N
    TN-9000 Brother Hl 960/1260/1660/2060
    TN-9500 Brother Hl 2460, 2460N  Black
    OEM # Description
    1491A002AA Canon PC 300/400/710/920/980 (E-40)
    1489A002AA Canon PC-850/870 (F100)
    MP10N01 Canon PC 70/80 Negative
    MP10P01 Canon PC 70/80 Positive
    MP20N01 Canon MP 50/60/90 Negative
    MP20P01 Canon MP 50/60/90 Positive
    1486A002AA Canon PC 20/25
    1474A002AA Canon PC 3/5/7 (A-30)
    6812A001AA Canon PC 1060/1080 (L-50)
    8489A001 Canon ImageClass 5530/5550 (X-25)
    7833A001AA Canon ImageClass D320/340 (S-35)
    H11-6221-220 Canon L700/720/770/780/790/3300 (FX-1)
    H11-6321-220 Canon LaserClass 5000/5500/7000/7700 (FX-2)
    H11-6381-200 Canon CFX-LC2050/L3500/4000/75/ImageClass 1100 (FX-3)
    H11-6401-220 Canon LaserClass 8500/9000/9500 (FX-4)
    H11-6431-220 Canon LaserClass 3170/3175 (FX-6)
    7621A001AA Canon LaserClass 710/720i/730i (FX-7)
    8955A001AA Canon LaserClass 510 (FX-8)
    0263B001A Canon Fax L100/Faxphone L120/ImageClass MF4150 (FX-9)
    0263B002A Canon Fax L100/Faxphone L120/ImageClass MF4150 (FX-10)
    1153B001AA Canon Fx-11 Toner
    0980B001AA  Canon Imageclass Mf8050Cn #116 - Black Toner
    1977B001AA  Canon Imageclass Mf8050Cn #116 - Yellow Toner
    1977B002AA  Canon Lbp-5050 Yellow Toner
    1978B001AA  Canon Imageclass Mf8350Cn #116 - Magenta Toner
    1978B002AA  Canon Lbp-5050 Magenta Toner
    1979B001AA  Canon Imageclass Mf8050Cn #116 - Cyan Toner
    1979B002AA  Canon Lbp-5050 Cyan Toner
    1980B002AA  Canon Lbp-5050 Toner
    2617A001AA  Canon Imageclass D1120/D1170/D1180 Toner
    2617B001AA  Canon Imageclass D1120 (Type 120) Toner
    2659A001AA  Canon Imageclass Mf8350Cdn #118 - Yellow Toner
    2660A001AA  Canon Imageclass Mf8350Cdn #118 - Magenta Toner
    2661A001AA  Canon Imageclass Mf8350Cdn #118 - Cyan Toner
    2662A001AA  Canon Imageclass Mf8350Cdn #118 - Black Toner
    6830A004AA Canon Ep-86 Black Laser Toner
    6829A004AA Canon Ep-86 Cyan Laser Toner
    6828A004AA Canon Ep-86 Magnta Laser Toner
    6827A004AA Canon Ep-86 Yellow Laser Toner
    FP100  Canon Fp100  File Print 100 Toner
    FP250  Canon Fp250  File Print 250 Toner
    FP300  Canon Fp300  File Print 300 Toner
    FP450  Canon Fp450  File Print 400 Toner
    7625A001AA Canon Gpr-11 Ir3200 Blk Drum
    7629A001AA Canon Gpr-11 Ir3200 Blk Tnr
    7624A001AA Canon Gpr-11 Ir3200 Cyan Drum
    7628A001AA Canon Gpr-11 Ir3200 Cyan Tnr
    7627A001AA Canon Gpr-11 Ir3200 Mgnta Tnr
    7622A001AA Canon Gpr-11 Ir3200 Yellw Drum
    7626A001AA Canon Gpr-11 Ir3200 Yellw Tnr
    1068B001AA Canon Gpr-20 Ir C5180  Cyan
    1067B001AA Canon Gpr-20 Ir C5180  Magenta
    1066B001AA Canon Gpr-20 Ir C5180  Yellow
    0264B001AA Canon Imageclass 106 Black
    7138A002 Canon Imageclass 2300/2300N
    0263B001A Canon Type 104
    0263B002A Canon Type 106
    1520A002AA Canon ImageClass C2100 Black
    1519A002AA Canon ImageClass C2100 Cyan
    1518A002AA Canon ImageClass C2100 Magenta
    1517A002AA Canon ImageClass C2100 Yellow
    C9720A Canon ImageClass C2500 Black
    C9721A Canon ImageClass C2500 Cyan
    C9723A Canon ImageClass C2500 Magenta
    C9722A Canon ImageClass C2500 Yellow
    1510A002AA Canon LBP-460 PS Black
    1509A002AA Canon LBP-460 PS Cyan 
    1508A002AA Canon LBP-460 PS Magenta
    1507A002AA Canon LBP-460 PS Yellow
    OEM # Description
    310-9319 Dell 1125
    310-3545 Dell P1500 H/Y
    310-6640  Dell 1100 Toner
    310-9319  Dell 310-9319  DELL 1125 TONER
    310-3548  Dell 2500 TONER
    310-5417 Dell 1600N
    310-5402 Dell 1700 Toner
    310-7042  Dell 1700 Drum Unit
    310-8709 Dell 1720
    310-7943 Dell 1815
    330-2209 Dell 2335DN
    310-3574 Dell S2500
    310-9058 Dell 1320C Black
    310-9060 Dell 1320C Cyan
    310-9062 Dell 1320C Magenta
    310-9064 Dell 1320C Yellow
    330-3789 Dell 2145 Black
    330-3790 Dell 2145 Cyan
    330-3791 Dell 2145 Magenta
    330-3792 Dell 2145 Yellow
    310-7237 Dell 5210
    310-4587 Dell 5300
    330-2045 Dell 5300N
    310-7238 Dell 5310
    310-5726 Dell 3100C Black
    310-5731 Dell 3100C Cyan
    310-5730 Dell 3100C Magenta
    310-5729 Dell 3100C Yellow
    310-8092  DELL 3110, 3115 Black
    310-8095  DELL 3110, 3115 Cyan
    310-8096  DELL 3110, 3115 Magenta
    310-8098  DELL 3110, 3115 Yellow
    330-1198  DELL 3130CN Black
    330-1199  DELL 3130CN Cyan
    330-1200  DELL 3130CN Magenta
    330-1204  DELL 3130CN Yellow
    330-1389  DELL 2130cn/2135cn Black
    330-1390  DELL 2130cn/2135cn Cyan
    330-1391  DELL 2130cn/2135cn Magenta
    330-1392  DELL 2130cn/2135cn Yellow
    310-5807 Dell 5100C Black
    310-5808 Dell 5100C Cyan
    310-5809 Dell 5100C Magenta
    310-5810 Dell 5100C Yellow
    310-7890 Dell 5110cn Black
    310-7892 Dell 5110cn Cyan 
    310-7894 Dell 5110cn Magenta 
    310-7896 Dell 5110cn Yellow
    310-4131 Dell M5200
    OEM # Description
    S051009 Epson Action Laser 7000/8000 (SP101)
    S051011 Epson Action Laser 1000/1500
    S051029 Epson EPL 5500 Drum Unit
    SO5005 Epson EPL 5500 Toner
    Hewlett Packard  
    OEM # Description
    92275A HP IIP, IIIP
    92295A HP II,III
    92291A HP IIISi, Ivsi
    C2062 HP IIISi, Ivsi Maintenance Kit
    92298A HP 4/4+/5/5N/5M
    92298X HP 4/4+/5/5N/5M "High Yield"
    C2037 HP 4/4+/5/5N/5M Maintenance Kit
    92274A HP 4L/4P
    C3900A HP 4V /4MV
    C3906A HP 5L/6L/3100/3150
    C3903A HP 5P/6P
    C3909A HP 5Si/8000 
    C3971A HP 5Si/8000 Maintenance Kit
    C7115A HP LJ 1000/1200/3300/3380 
    C7115X HP LJ 1000/1200/3300/3380 High Yield
    Q2612A HP LJ 1010/1012/1015/1020/1022/3015/3020
    Q2612AD HP LJ 1010/1012/1015/1020/1022 - Dual Pack
    C4092A HP LJ LJ 1100/3200
    H3965 HP LJ LJ 1100/3200 Maintenance Kit
    Q2624A HP LJ 1150  
    Q2624X HP LJ 1150  High Yield
    Q2613A HP LJ 1300  
    Q2613X HP LJ 1300 High Yield
     Q5949A HP LJ 1320/1160 
    Q5949X HP LJ 1320 High Yield
    Q5949XD HP LJ 1320 High Yield - Dual Pack
     C9700A HP CLJ 1500/2500 Black
     C9701A HP CLJ 1500/2500 Cyan
     C9703A HP CLJ 1500/2500 Magenta
     C9702A HP CLJ 1500/2500 Yellow
     C9704A HP CLJ 1500/2500 Drum Unit
    C4096A HP LJ 2100/2200
    H3974 HP LJ 2100 Maintenance Kit
    H3978 HP LJ 2200 Maintenance Kit
    Q2610A HP LJ 2300 
    Q2610D HP LJ 2300 Twin Pack
    Q6511A HP LJ 2410/2420/2430 
    Q6511X HP LJ 2410/2420/2430 High Yield
    Q6511XD HP LJ 2410/2420/2430 High Yield - Dual Pack
    Q3960A HP CLJ 2550/2820/2840 Black
    Q3961A HP CLJ 2550/2820/2840 Cyan
    Q3963A HP CLJ 2550/2820/2840  Magenta
    Q3962A HP CLJ 2550/2820/2840 Yellow
    Q3971A HP CLJ 2550/2820/2840 Cyan
    Q3973A HP CLJ 2550/2820/2840  Magenta 
    Q3972A HP CLJ 2550/2820/2840 Yellow
    Q3964A HP CLJ 2550 Drum Unit
    Q6000A HP CLJ 1600/2600/2605/CM1015 Black
    Q6001A HP CLJ 1600/2600/2605/CM1015 Cyan
    Q6003A HP CLJ 1600/2600/2605/CM1015  Magenta 
    Q6002A HP CLJ 1600/2600/2605/CM1015 Yellow
    Q7560A HP CLJ 3000 Black
    Q7561A HP CLJ 3000 Cyan
    Q7563A HP CLJ 3000  Magenta
    Q7562A HP CLJ 3000 Yellow
    Q2670A HP CLJ 3500/3550/3700
    Q2671A HP CLJ 3500/3550 Cyan
    Q2673A HP CLJ 3500/3550 Magenta
    Q2672A HP CLJ 3500/3550 Yellow
    Q6470A HP CLJ 3600/3800   Black
    Q6471A HP CLJ 3600  Cyan
    Q6473A HP CLJ 3600   Magenta
    Q6472A HP CLJ 3600 Yellow
    Q2670A HP CLJ 3500/3700 Black
    Q2681A HP CLJ 3700 Cyan
    Q2683A HP CLJ 3700 Magenta
    Q2682A HP CLJ 3700 Yellow
    Q6470A HP CLJ 3600/3800 Black
    Q7581A HP CLJ 3800 Cyan
    Q7583A HP CLJ 3800  Magenta 
    Q7582A HP CLJ 3800  Yellow
    C4127A HP LJ 4000/4050 
    C4127X HP LJ 4000/4050 High Yield
    C4127XD HP LJ 4000/4050 High Yield - Dual Pack
    C4118 HP LJ 4000/4050 Maintenance Kit
    C8061A HP LJ 4100/4150
    C8061X HP LJ 4100/4150 High Yield 
    C8061XD HP LJ 4100/4150 High Yield - Dual Pack
    C8057 HP LJ 4100/4150 Maintenance Kit
    Q1338A HP LJ 4200 
    Q1338AD HP LJ 4200 - Dual Pack
    Q1338AG HP LJ 4200 - TAA Compliant
    Q2429A HP LJ 4200 Maintenance Kit
    Q5942A HP LJ 4250/4350 
    Q5942AG HP LJ 4250/4350 Government Series
    Q5942X HP LJ 4250/4350 High Yield
    Q5942XD HP LJ 4250/4350 High Yield - Dual Pack
    Q5421A HP LJ 4250/4350 Maintenance Kit
    Q1339A HP LJ 4300
    Q1339AG HP LJ 4300 - TAA Compliant
    Q2436A HP LJ 4300 Maintenance Kit
    Q5945A HP LJ 4345 mfp
    C4191A HP CLJ 4500/4550 Black 
    C4192A HP CLJ 4500/4550 Cyan
    C4193A HP CLJ 4500/4550 Magenta 
    C4194A HP CLJ 4500/4550 Yellow
    C4195A HP CLJ 4500/4550 Drum Kit
    C4196A HP CLJ 4500/4550 Transfer Unit
    C4197A HP CLJ 4500/4550 Fuser Unit
    C9720A HP CLJ 4600/4650 Black 
    C9720AD HP CLJ 4600/4650 Black - Dual Pack
    C9721A HP CLJ 4600/4650 Cyan
    C9723A HP CLJ 4600/4650 Magenta 
    C9722A HP CLJ 4600/4650 Yellow
    C9720A-X HP CLJ 4600/4650 Black - High Yield
    C9721A-X HP CLJ 4600/4650 Cyan - High Yield
    C9723A-X HP CLJ 4600/4650 Magenta - High Yield
    C9722A-X HP CLJ 4600/4650 Yellow - High Yield
    Q3675A HP CLJ 4600/4650 Transfer Unit
    C9725A HP CLJ 4600/4650 Fuser Unit
    Q5950A HP CLJ CLJ 4700 Black
    Q5951A HP CLJ CLJ 4700 Cyan
    Q5953A HP CLJ CLJ 4700 Magenta 
    Q5952A HP CLJ CLJ 4700 Yellow
    Q7504A HP CLJ CLJ 4700 Transfer Kit
    Q6460A HP CLJ CLJ 4730mfp Black
    Q6461A HP CLJ CLJ 4730mfp Cyan
    Q6463A HP CLJ CLJ 4730mfp Magenta
    Q6462A HP CLJ CLJ 4730mfp Yellow
    C4129X HP LJ 5000/5100
    C4110 HP LJ 5000 Maintenance Kit
    Q1860 HP LJ 5100 Maintenance Kit
    Q7516A HP LJ 5200 
     C9730A HP CLJ 5500/5550 Black
     C9731A HP CLJ 5500/5550 Cyan
     C9733A HP CLJ 5500/5550 Magenta
     C9732A HP CLJ 5500/5550 Yellow
    C9734B HP CLJ 5500/5550 Transfer Kit
    C9735A HP CLJ 5500 Transfer Kit
    C4182X HP LJ 8100/8150
    C3914A HP LJ 8100/8150 Maintenance Kit
    C4149A HP CLJ 8500/8550 Black 
    C4150A HP CLJ 8500/8550 Cyan
    C4151A HP CLJ 8500/8550 Magenta
    C4152A HP CLJ 8500/8550 Yellow
    C4153A HP LJ 8500/8550 Drum Kit
    C4154A HP LJ 8500/8550 Transfer Kit
    C4155A HP LJ 8500/8550 Fuser Kit
    C8543X HP LJ 9000
    C8543X-X HP LJ 9000 - Extra High Yield
    C9152A HP LJ 9000 110V Maintenance Kit
    C8550A HP CLJ 9500 Black 
    C8551A HP CLJ 9500 Cyan
    C8553A HP CLJ 9500 Magenta
    C8552A HP CLJ 9500 Yellow
    C8560A HP CLJ 9500 Black Drum Unit 
    C8561A HP CLJ 9500 Cyan Drum Unit
    C8562A HP CLJ 9500 Magenta Drum Unit 
    C8563A HP CLJ 9500 Yellow Drum Unit
    C8554A HP CLJ 9500 Image Cleaning Unit
    C8555a HP CLJ 9500 Image Transfer Kit
    C8556A HP CLJ 9500 Image Fuser Kit
    Q7551A HP LJ P3005/M3035mfp
    Q7551X HP LJ P3005/M3035mfp High Yield
    Q7551XD HP LJ P3005/M3035mfp High Yield - Dual Pack
    Q7553A HP LJ P2015
    Q7553X HP LJ P2015
    Q7553XD HP LJ P2015 - Dual Pack
    Q7570A HP LJ M50354mfp
    CB380A HP LJ CL2000/CP6015 Black
    CB381A HP LJ CL2000/CP6015 Cyan
    CB382A HP LJ CL2000/CP6015 Yellow
    CB383A HP LJ CL2000/CP6015 Magenta
    CB384A HP CP6015/CM6040 MFP Black Drum
    CB385A HP CP6015/CM6040 Cyan Drum
    CB386A HP CP6015/CM6040 Yellow Drum
    CB387A HP CP6015/CM6040 Magenta Drum
    CB388A HP LJ 4015/4515 Maintenance Kit
    CB390A HP LJ CM6040 
    CB400A HP CLJ CP4005 Black
    CB401A HP CLJ CP4005 Cyan
    CB403A HP CLJ CP4005 Magenta
    CB402A HP CLJ CP4005 Yellow
    CB435A HP LJ P1005/P1006 
    CB435AD HP LJ P1005/P1006 - Dual Pack
    CB436A HP LJ P1505/1505N 
    CB436AD HP LJ P1505/1505N - Dual Pack
    CB457A HP LJ CM6040 COLOR Fuser
    CB463A HP LJ CP6015/6030 Transfer Kit
    CB540A HP LJ CP1215/1515 Black
    CB540AD HP LJ CP1215/1515 Black 2PK
    CB541A HP LJ CP1215/1515 Cyan
    CB542A HP LJ CP1215/1515 Yellow
    CB543A HP LJ CP1215/1515 Magenta
    CC364A HP LJ P4014 
    CC364X HP LJ P4015/ P4515  - High Yield
    CC364XD HP LJ P4015/4515 - Dual Pack
    CE320A HP Color Laserjet CM 1415 MFP, CP 1525nw Black
    CE321A HP Color Laserjet CM 1415 MFP, CP 1525nw Cyan
    CE322A HP Color Laserjet CM 1415 MFP, CP 1525nw Yellow
    CE323A HP Color Laserjet CM 1415 MFP, CP 1525nw Magenta
    CC530A HP LJ CP2025/2320 Black
    CC530AD HP LJ CP2025/2320 Black - Dual Pack
    CC531A HP LJ CP2025/2320 Cyan
    CC532A HP LJ CP2025/2320 Yellow
    CC533A HP LJ CP2025/2320 Magenta
    CE250A HP LJ CP3525/3530 Black
    CE250X HP LJ CP3525/3530 Black - High Yield
    CE251A HP LJ CP3525/3530 Cyan
    CE252A HP LJ CP3525/3530 Yellow
    CE253A HP LJ CP3525/3530 Magenta
    CE254A HP CP3525 Waste Toner Unit
    CE255A HP LJ P3015 
    CE255X HP LJ P3015  - High Yield
    CE257A HP LJ 1600/2600N Tri Color Pk
    CE259A HP LJ CP1215/1515 Tri Color Pk
    CE260A HP LJ CP4025/CP4525 Black
    CE260X HP LJ CP4525 Black - High Yield
    CE261A HP LJ CP4025/4525 Cyan
    CE262A HP LJ CP4025/4525 Yellow
    CE263A HP LJ CP4025/4525 Magenta
    CE278A HP LJ P1606 
    CE285A HP LJ P1102 
    CE505A HP LJ P2035/55 
    CE505X HP LJ P2055  - High Yield
    CE505XD HP LJ P2055  - Dual Pack
    OEM # Description
    1380520 IBM 4019/4028/4029 High Yield
    1380950 IBM 4039/3912/3916 High Yield
    1382150 IBM 4049 High Yield
    63H3005 IBM 4312
    90H3566 IBM InFo Print N24/32/40
    38L1410 IBM InFo Print 21
    28P2406/12/14/20 IBM InFo Print 1116
    28P2494 IBM InFo Print 1120/25
    28P2010 IBM InFo Print 1130/40
    28P1882 IBM InFo Print 1145
    63H0005 IBM Network Printer 12 
    63H2401 IBM Network Printer 17/4317
    39V0310  IBM Infoprint 1534/1634 Black Toner
    39V0307  IBM Infoprint 1534/1634 Cyan Toner
    39V0308  IBM Infoprint 1534/1634 Magenta Toner
    39V0309  IBM Infoprint 1534/1634 Yellow Toner
    39V1919  IBM Infoprint 1754 Black Toner
    39V1920  IBM Infoprint 1754 Cyan Toner
    39V1921  IBM Infoprint 1754 Magenta Toner
    39V1922  IBM Infoprt 1130/1140 Blk Tnr
    28P2009 IBM Infoprt 1332/1352 Hiyl Tnr
    75P4303 IBM  Infoprt 1354/1464 Blk Ret
    75P4051 IBM  Infoprt 1372 Black Toner
    75P4301 IBM  Infoprt 1412/1512 Return
    75P5709 IBM Infoprt 1532/52/72 Blk Tnr
    75P6961 IBM  Infoprt 1552 Black Return
    75P6959 IBM Infoprt 1585 Black
    75P6877 IBM  Infoprt 1585 Photocnductor
    75P6878 IBM  Infoprt 1612 Toner Return
    39V1638 IBM  Infoprt 20/4320 Toner
    90H0748 IBM Infoprt 21/4322 Toner
    38L1410 IBM Infoprt 32/40/4332 Toner
    90H3566 IBM  Infoprt 3900 4000 Id3/Id4
    1402822 IBM Infoprt 4000 Enh Blk Tnr
    57P1888 IBM  Infoprt 4912 Black Toner
    '01P6897 IBM  Infoprt 6500 Blk Rbns 6/Pk
    41U1680 IBM  Infoprt3900/4000 Developer
    1402823 IBM  Np24 Black Toner
    75P5903 IBM  np24 black toner
    OEM # Description
    4910283 Lanier 1200/1210/1240/1260 Fax Drum
    4910282 Lanier 1200/1210/1240/1260 Fax Toner
    4910311 Lanier 2001/2002 Fax Drum
    4910312 Lanier 2001/2002 Fax Toner
    IF01 Lanier 3400 (2 Ribbons/Fax)
    OEM # Description
    1382140 Lexmark Optra N
    1382150 Lexmark Optra 4049/3112 BLK HI
    1382925 Lexmark Optra S High Yield
    08A0477 Lexmark E320/E322
    10B041C  Lexmark C750 Cyan Toner Cartridge
    10B041K  Lexmark C750 Black Toner Cartridge
    10B041M  Lexmark 10B041M  C750 Magenta Toner Cartridge
    10B041Y  Lexmark 10B041Y  C750 Yellow Toner Cartridge
    10S0150 Lexmark E210/212
    12015SA  Lexmark 12015Sa  E-120 Toner
    12026XW  Lexmark 12026Xw  E-120 Drum Unit
    12035SA Lexmark E120/120N
    12A0725 Lexmark Optra Se High Yield
    12A3715  Lexmark 12A3715  X422 Toner
    12A5845 Lexmark Optra T Black Toner
    12A5849 Lexmark Optra T610/612/614/616
    12A6835 Lexmark T520/T522 
    12A6860 Lexmark T620/T622 Prebate Tnr
    12A6865 Lexmark T620/T622  
    12A7315 Lexmark T420 High Yield
    12A7405 Lexmark E321/323 High Yield
    12A7415 Lexmark T420 High Yield
    12A7460 Lexmark T630 Black Return
    12A7462 Lexmark T630/T632/T634 High Yield
    12A7465 Lexmark T632/634 Extra High Yield
    12A8302 Lexmark E230 Photoconductor
    12A8325 Lexamrk T430 High Yield
    12B0090 Lexmark W820
    12N0768 Lexmark C910 Cyan Toner
    12N0769 Lexmark C910 Magenta Toner
    12N0770 Lexmark C910 Yellow Toner
    12N0771 Lexmark C910 Black Toner
    12S0400  Lexmark 12S0400  E-220 Toner
    13T0101 Lexamrk E310/312
    13T0301 Lexmark Optra E310/E312/E312L
    15G032C Lexmark C752 Cyan Toner Hi
    15G032K Lexmark C752 Black Toner Hi
    15G032M Lexmark C752 Magenta Toner Hi
    15G032Y Lexmark C752 Yellow Toner Hi
    15G041C Lexmark C752 Cyan Toner
    15G041K Lexmark C752 Black Prebate Tnr
    15G041M Lexmark C752 Magenta Toner
    15G041Y Lexmark C752 Yellow Toner
    15G042C Lexmark C752/X752E Cyan Tnr
    15G042K Lexmark C752/X752E Black Tnr
    15G042M Lexmark C752/X752E Mgnta Tnr
    15G042Y Lexmark C752/X752E Yellow Tnr
    17G0154 Lexmark Optra M410/M412
    18S0090 Lexmark X215
    20K1400  Lexmark 20K1400  C510 Cyan Toner
    20K1401  Lexmark 20K1401  C510 Magenta Toner
    20K1402  Lexmark 20K1402  C510 Yellow Toner
    20K1403  Lexmark 20K1403  C510 Black Toner
    24015SA Lexmark E240/E34X 
    24035SA Lexmark E230/232/234/240/330/332/340
    34015HA Lexmark E330/E332N/E340/E342N High Yield
    34035HA Lexmark E330/E332N/E340/E342N High Yield
    64004HA Lexmark T640 Label Prt Cart Hi
    64015HA Lexmark T640 Return Blk Hi
    64015SA Lexmark T640 Return Program Bk
    64035HA Lexmark T640/T642/T644 High Yield
    64035SA Lexmark T640/42/44 Black Toner
    64435XA  Lexmark 64435Xa  T-644 Toner
    69G8256 Lexmark Optra E/Ep/E+/4026 Toner Unit
    69G8257 Lexmark Optra E/Ep/E+/4026 Drum Unit
    C500H2CG Lexmark C500 Compatible Cyan Toner
    C500H2KG Lexmark C500 Compatible Black Toner
    C500H2MG Lexmark C500 Compatible Magenta Toner
    C500H2YG Lexmark C500 Compatible Yellow Toner
    C5200CS  Lexmark C5200Cs  C520 Cyan Toner Cartridge
    C5200KS  Lexmark C5200Ks  C520 Black Toner Cartridge
    C5200MS  Lexmark C5200Ms  C520 Magenta Toner Cartridge
    C5200YS  Lexmark C5200Ys  C520 Yellow Toner Cartridge
    C5202CS  Lexmark C5202Cs  C530 Cyan Toner Cartridge
    C5202KS  Lexmark C5202Ks  C530 Black Toner Cartridge
    C5202MS  Lexmark C5202Ms  C530 Magenta Toner Cartridge
    C5202YS  Lexmark C5202Ys  C530 Yellow Toner Cartridge
    C5220CS Lexmark C522/24 Return Cyan
    C5220KS Lexmark C522/24N Return Black
    C5220MS Lexmark C522/24 Return Mgnta
    C5220YS Lexmark C522/24 Return Yellow
    C5222CS Lexmark C522/24 Cyan Toner
    C5222KS Lexmark C522/24 Black Toner
    C5222MS Lexmark C522/24 Magenta Toner
    C5222YS Lexmark C522/24 Yellow Toner
    C5240CH  Lexmark C5240Ch  C532,534 Cyan Toner Cartridge
    C5240KH  Lexmark C5240Kh  C532,534 Black Toner Cartridge
    C5240MH  Lexmark C5240Mh  C532,534 Magenta Toner Cartridge
    C5240YH  Lexmark C5240Yh  C532,534 Yellow Toner Cartridge
    C5242CH Lexmark C524N Cyan Hi
    C5242MH Lexmark C524N Magenta Hi
    C5242YH Lexmark C524N Yellow Hi
    C53034X Lexmark C530/32/34 Photocndr
    C7702KH Lexmark C770 Black Toner Cartridge
    C7702CH Lexmark C770 Cyan Toner Cartridge
    C7702YH Lexmark C770 Yellow Toner Cartridge
    C7702MH Lexmark C770 Magenta Toner Cartridge
    C782X1KG  Lexmark C782X1Kg  C780 Black Toner Cartridge
    C782X1CG  Lexmark C782X1Cg  C780 Cyan Toner Cartridge
    C782X1MG  Lexmark C782X1Mg  C780 Magenta Toner Cartridge
    C782X1YG  Lexmark C782X1Yg  C780 Yellow Toner Cartridge
    C9202KH Lexmark C920 Black Hi
    C9202CH Lexmark C920 Cyan Hi
    C9202MH Lexmark C920 Magenta Hi
    C9202YH Lexmark C920 Yellow Hi
    E250A11A Lexmark E250/350 Return Ctg
    E250A21A Lexmark E250
    E250X22G Lexmark E250 Photoconductor
    E352H11A Lexmark E350/352 - Return Cartridge
    E352H21A Lexmark E350/352
    E450A21A Lexmark E450
    W84020H Lexmark W840 
    X203A21G Lexmark X203, X204 
    X264H11G Lexmark X264, X363, X364 
    X340A11G Lexmark X340 Compatible Toner
    X340A21G Lexmark X340
    X340H11G Lexmark X342
    X340H21G Lexmark X342 Compatible Toner
    X560H2KG Lexmark X560 Black
    X560K2CG Lexmark X560 Cyan
    X560H2MG Lexmark X560 Magenta
    X560H2YG Lexmark X560 Yellow
    X644H11A R Lexmark X644H11A  X-642/644/646 Toner
    OEM # Description
    9010-802 Minolta 1000 Toner
    PF100 Minolta 1500 (2 Ribbons/Box)
    4174-311 Minolta 1600/2600/3600 Drum
    4152-611 Minolta 1600/2600/3600 Toner
    0927-605 Minolta 2300/3700 Toner
    4171-302 Minolta 2500/3500/5000/5000e/5600 Drum
    0938-402 Minolta 2500/3500/5500e/5600 Toner
    1710405 Minolta 8L/8E/Pagepro 1100
    1710422-001 Minolta Pageworks 12
    1710146001 Minolta 2450
    8916-402 Minolta 410/420/430/460
    1710434-001 Minolta Pageworks 20
    N/A Minolta Pageworks 6 Drum
    1710433-001 Minolta Pageworks 6e/6l
    1710081001 Minolta Fax 2500/3500/5500 toner unit
    OEM # Description
    PF100 Muratec F 70/72/73/M300 Fax Film
    DK120 Muratec F 95/98/100/120/150 Drum
    TS120 Muratec F 95/98/100/120/150 Toner
    PF110 Muratec F 10/3500/500 (2 Refills)
    PF155 Muratec M4500/F60 (2 Refills)
    OEM # Description
    20-055 NEC Nefax 460/461/462 Toner
    S2526 NEC Nefax 560 Toner
    S0055LL NEC Silentwriter 90/95/1097
    20-152 NEC 1400/1450/1450n
    S0100 NEC Superscript 1260/1260n
    20-110 NEC Superscript 1760/1765
    20-095 NEC Superscript 660+ Drum Unit
    20-090 NEC Superscript 660+ Toner
    20-122 NEC Superscript 870 Toner
    S3536 NEC Nefax 560 Drum
    OEM # Description
    56113601 Okidata Okifax 5800 Drum
    52111401 Okidata Okifax 5800 Toner
    52104201 Okidata Okifax L25/L35/2000
    52106701 Okidata Okipage 6E/6EX
    52109001 Okidata 10i/12i
    52106201 Okidata Okipage 4w/Okioffice 44
    52109201 Okidata OL 1200
    52104201 Okidata OL 400/800/DOC 3000/4000
    52106701 Okidata OL 400E/600E/810E
    42127404 Okidata C5100/C5150/C5200/C5300/C5400/C5510 Black Toner
    42127403 Okidata C5100/C5150/C5200/C5300/C5400/C5510 Cyan Toner
    42127402 Okidata C5100/C5150/C5200/C5300/C5400/C5510 Magenta Toner
    42127401 Okidata C5100/C5150/C5200/C5300/C5400/C5510 Yellow Toner
    41963404 Okidata C9500 Black Drum
    41963604 Okidata C9500 Black Toner
    41963403 Okidata C9500 Cyan Drum
    41963603 Okidata C9500 Cyan Toner
    41963402 Okidata C9500 Magenta Drum
    41963602 Okidata C9500 Magenta Toner
    41963401 Okidata C9500 Yellow Drum
    41963601 Okidata C9500 Yellow Toner
    OEM # Description
    KXFA133 Panasonic KX-F100/1200 (2 Refills)
    KXFA132 Panasonic KX-F1000/1200
    KXFA65 Panasonic KX-FP 101/105/121
    KXFA136 Panasonic KX-FP 195/200/fm220 (2 Refills)
    KXFA135 Panasonic KX-FP 195/200/fm220
    KXFA55 Panasonic KX-FP80/95/151 (2 Refills)
    UG3313 Panasonic UF 550/770/880
    UG-3350 Panasonic UF-585/595
    UG-3204 Panasonic UF 745/755
    KXP450 Panasonic UF 750 (4450)
    KXP453 Panasonic UF 766 (4410)
    UG5520 Panasonic UF 890/990
    UG5510 Panasonic UF-780/790/DX-800
    UG5540 Panafax UF-8000/9000 Toner
    UG3309 Panasonic UF 744/788
    Pitney Bowes  
    OEM # Description
    817-5 Pitney Bowes 1600/1630/1640
    818-7 Pitney Bowes 3400 Drum
    818-6 Pitney Bowes 3400 Toner
    805-7 Pitney Bowes 9700/9720/9750/9760
    810-4 Pitney Bowes 9800
    815-7 Pitney Bowes 9900/2060/1600
    OEM # Description
    1710191-001 Qms Mcolor 2, 2+ Waste Toner
    1710471-001 Qms Mcolor 2200 Black Toner
    1710471-004 Qms Mcolor 2200 Cyan Toner
    1710475-001 Qms Mcolor 2200 Fuser Oil     
    1710475-001 Qms Mcolor 2200 Fuser Oil     
    1710471-003 Qms Mcolor 2200 Magenta Toner
    1710476-001 Qms Mcolor 2200 Opc Drum      
    1710471-002 Qms Mcolor 2200 Yellow Toner
    1710517-005 Qms Mcolor 2300 Black Tnr Hi
    1710517-008 Qms Mcolor 2300 Cyan Tnr Hi
    1710517-004 Qms Mcolor 2300 Cyan Toner
    1710520-001 Qms Mcolor 2300 Drum Unit
    1710517-007 Qms Mcolor 2300 Magenta Tnr Hi
    1710517-003 Qms Mcolor 2300 Magenta Toner
    1710522-001 Qms Mcolor 2300 Waste Tnr Bx
    1710517-006 Qms Mcolor 2300 Yellow Tnr Hi
    1710517-002 Qms Mcolor 2300 Yellow Toner
    1710587-004 Qms Mcolor 2400 Black Toner Hi
    1710587-007 Qms Mcolor 2400 Cyan Toner Hi
    1710587-006 Qms Mcolor 2400 Magenta Tnr Hi
    1710587-005 Qms Mcolor 2400 Yellow Tnr Hi
    1710322-002 Qms Mcolor 330 Cyan Toner
    1710322-004 Qms Mcolor 330 Magenta Toner
    1710322-003 Qms Mcolor 330 Yellow Toner
    1710550-001 Qms Mcolor 3300 Black Toner
    1710550-004 Qms Mcolor 3300 Cyan Toner
    1710550-003 Qms Mcolor 3300 Magenta Toner
    1710550-002 Qms Mcolor 3300 Yellow Toner
    1710580-004 Qms Mcolor 5400 Cyan Toner
    1710580-003 Qms Mcolor 5400 Magenta Toner
    1710580-002 Qms Mcolor 5400 Yellow Toner
    1710362-003 Qms Mcolor 6100 Magenta Toner
    1710362-004 Qms Mcolor 6100 Yellow Toner
    1710530-001 Qms Mcolor 7300 Black Toner
    1710530-004 Qms Mcolor 7300 Cyan Toner
    1710530-003 Qms Mcolor 7300 Magenta Toner
    1710530-002 Qms Mcolor 7300 Yellow Toner
    1710405-002 Qms Pagepro 1100/1100L Tnr Hi
    1710399-002 Qms Pagepro 1100/1100L Toner
    OEM # Description
    430222 Ricoh 1900L/3900 (Type 1135)
    339481 Ricoh 2400L/4800L (Type 150)
    889878 Ricoh 2500L/4500L (Type 30)
    339302 Ricoh 2800di/2800L
    Type 70 Ricoh Fax 1700L/MV106 (Type 70)
    OEM # Description
    ML-1210D3 Samsung ML 1010/1020/1210/1220/1250/1430/4500/4600
    ML-6060D6 Samsung ML 1440/6060
    ML-1650D3 Samsung ML 1650/1651N
    ML-2150D8 Samsung ML 2150/2151/2152W
    ML-4500D3 Samsung ML 4500/4600
    TD-55K Samsung ML 5000
    TD-78K Samsung ML 7000/7050/QL 7000
    ML-7300DA Samsung ML 7300N
    SF-5100D3 Samsung 5100P/530/531
    SCX-4216D3 Samsung SCX 4016/4116/4216F
    SF-550D3 Samsung SF-555P
    ML-3051 Samsung ML 3051
    ML-1610D2 Samsung ML 1610
    ML-2010D3 Samsung ML 2010
    SCX-4521D3 Samsung SCX 4521
    ML-2550DA Samsung ML-2550/2551N/2552W
    ML-1710D3  Samsung ML1710 / ML1750
    CLT-K409S Samsung Clp-315 Black
    CLT-P409B Samsung Clp-315 Black Value Pack
    CLT-P409A Samsung Clp-315 Color Value Pack
    CLT-C409S Samsung Clp-315 Cyan
    CLT-M409S Samsung Clp-315 Magenta
    CLT-Y409S Samsung Clp-315 Yellow
    CLP-500D5C R Samsung Clp-500D5C  Clp 500/550 Cyan Toner
    CLP-500D5M R Samsung Clp-500D5M  Clp 500/550 Magenta Toner
    CLP-500D5Y R Samsung Clp-500D5Y  Clp 500/550 Yellow Toner
    CLP-500D7K R Samsung Clp-500D7K  Clp 500/550 Black Toner
    CLP-510D5C R Samsung Clp-510D5C  Clp-510D5C Cyan Toner
    CLP-510D5M R Samsung Clp-510D5M  Clp-510D5C Magenta Toner
    CLP-510D5Y R Samsung Clp-510D5Y  Clp-510D5C Yellow Toner
    CLP-510D7K R Samsung Clp-510D7K  Clp-510D7K Black Toner
    CLP-C300A R Samsung Clp-C300A  Clp 300 Cyan Toner Cartridge
    CLP-C600A R Samsung Clp-C600A  Clp-600/650N Cyan Toner Cartridge
    CLP-C660B R Samsung Clp-C660B  Clp-610/660 Cyan Toner Cartridge
    CLP-K300A R Samsung Clp-K300A  Clp 300 Black Toner Cartridge
    CLP-K600A R Samsung Clp-K600A  Clp-600/650N Black Toner Cartridge
    CLP-K660B R Samsung Clp-K660B  Clp-610/660 Black Toner Cartridge
    CLP-M300A R Samsung Clp-M300A  Clp 300 Magenta Toner Cartridge
    CLP-M600A R Samsung Clp-M600A  Clp-600/650N Magenta Toner Cartridge
    CLP-M660B R Samsung Clp-M660B  Clp-610/660 Magenta Toner Cartridge
    ML-2850 R Samsung Ml-2850 
    CLP-Y300A R Samsung Clp-Y300A  Clp 300 Yellow Toner Cartridge
    CLP-Y600A R Samsung Clp-Y600A  Clp-600/650N Yellow Toner Cartridge
    CLP-Y660B R Samsung Clp-Y660B  Clp-610/660 Yellow Toner Cartridge
    ML-D3050 Samsung Ml-3051 Comaptible Toner
    ML-3470 R Samsung Ml-3470  Ml 3471 Toner
    ML-D3050A R Samsung Ml-D3050A  Ml 3050N/3051N/3051Dn Toner
    ML2250 Samsung Nl-2250, 2251N, 2252W, Ml2250
    SCX4100D3 R Samsung Scx4100D3  Scx-4100 Toner
    SCX-4500 R Samsung Scx-4500  Scx-4500 Toner
    SCX-4720D3 R Samsung Scx-4720D3  Scx-4720 Toner
    SCX-5312D6 R Samsung Scx-5312D6  Scx-5312 Toner Cartridge
    SCX-5312DR R Samsung Scx-5312Dr  Scx-5312 Drum Cartridge
    SCX-5530A,B R Samsung Scx-5530A,B  Scx-5530Fn
    SCX-6320D8 R Samsung Scx-6320D8  Scx-6320D8 Toner Cartridge
    SCX-D4200M R Samsung Scx-D4200M  Scx-4200 Toner
    SCX-D4725A R Samsung Scx-D4725A  Scx-4725 Fn Toner
    SF5100D3 Samsung Sf-5100P Drum
    MLT-D105L Samsung Ml-2525, Scx-4600, Scx-4623, Sf650 Mfp 
    MLT-D108S Samsung Ml-1640, Ml-2240 Toner
    MLT-D206L Samsung Scx-5935
    MLT-D209L Samsung Ml2855, Scx-4826, 4828Mfp Toner
    SCX-4720 Samsung Scx-4720, Samsung Scx-4720F Toner, Compatible Scx-4720
    OEM # Description
    AL160TD Sharp AL 1600 Series 
    AL160DR Sharp Al 1600 Series Drum
    AL100TD Sharp AL 1000/1200/1521
    AL100DR Sharp AL 1000/1200/1521 Drum
    AL80DR Sharp AL 800 Drum
    AL80TD Sharp AL 800 
    AR150DR Sharp AR 150 Drum
    AR150TD Sharp AR 150
    AR152MT Sharp AR 151/156/157/168
    AR200DR Sharp AR  160/200 Drum
    AR200TD Sharp AR 160/200 
    AR202NT Sharp AR 162/163/164/201/207
    AR270MT Sharp AR 235/275/M237/M277
    ZT20TD1 Sharp Z 20/23/25/27
    ZT50TD1 Sharp Z 50/70/85
    ZT50DR Sharp Z 50/70/85 Drum
    ZT81td1 Sharp Z 820/835/845
    ZT81DR1 Sharp Z 820/835/845 Drum
    UX10CR Sharp 1450/1850/UX 1000 (2 Refills)
    FO29ND Sharp 2950/3800M
    FO29DR Sharp 2950/3800M Drum
    FO48ND Sharp 3400/4800 (JX9400/9600)
    FO48DR Sharp 3400/4800 (JX9400/9600) Drum
    FO45ND Sharp 4500/6500
    FO45DR Sharp 4500/6500 Drum
    FO47ND Sharp 4650/4700/5700/6700 Toner
    FO47DR Sharp 4650/4700/5700/6700 Drum
    FO26DR Sharp FO 2600/2700M Drum
    FO26ND Sharp FO 2600/2700M
    FO28ND Sharp FO 2800/2850
    UX5CR Sharp UX P100/200 (2 Refills)
    FO-3CR Sharp UX-300/FO-760 (2 Refills)
    UX-3CR Sharp US-300/FO-760
    UX-15CR Sharp US-500-600M-FO1460/1660M (2/Box)
    52NT Sharp JX9500
    OEM # Description
    TK18 Toshiba 80/85 Toner
    IF-03W Toshiba TF 421 (2 Ribbons)
    IF-01RF Toshiba TF 511 (2 Ribbons)
    TK-05 Toshiba 531/551
    OEM # Description
    006R01009 Xerox Phsr 790 Black Toner
    006R01010 Xerox Phsr 790 Cyan Toner
    006R01011 Xerox Phsr 790 Magenta Toner
    006R01012 Xerox Phsr 790 Yellow Toner
    006R01218 Xerox Faxctr F116  Black Tnr
    006R90293 Xerox Phsr 1235 Black Toner
    006R90294 Xerox Phsr 1235 Cyan Toner
    006R90295 Xerox Phsr 1235 Magenta Toner
    006R90296 Xerox Phsr 1235 Yellow Toner
    013R00575 Xerox Phsr 790 Image Drum
    013R00601 Xerox Pe120 Black Toner
    013R00606 Xerox Pe120 Black Toner Hi
    013R00621 Xerox Workcentre Pe220 Smt Kit
    013R90132 Xerox Phsr 1235 Black Drum
    013R90133 Xerox Phsr 1235 Cyan Drum
    013R90134 Xerox Phsr 1235 Magenta Drum
    013R90135 Xerox Phsr 1235 Yellow Drum
    016-1094-00 Xerox Phsr 7700 Belt Cleaner
    016-1582-00 Xerox Phsr 840
    016-1607-00 Xerox Phsr 840 5 Ylw 2 Black
    016-1656-00 Xerox Phsr 740/740L Black Tnr
    016-1657-00 Xerox Phsr 740/740L Cyan Tnr
    016-1658-00 Xerox Phsr 740/740L Mgnta Tnr
    016-1662-00 Xerox Phsr 740 Color Imaging
    016-1678-00 Xerox Phsr 780 Black Toner
    016-1679-00 Xerox Phsr 780 Cyan Toner
    016-1680-00 Xerox Phsr 780 Magenta Toner
    016-1681-00 Xerox Phsr 780 Yellow Toner
    016-1758-00 Xerox Phsr 340/50/60 Yellow
    016-1800-00 Xerox Phsr 750 Cyan Toner Hi
    016-1801-00 Xerox Phsr 750 Magenta Tnr Hi
    016-1802-00 Xerox Phsr 750 Yellow Tnr Hi
    016-1803-01 Xerox Phsr 750 Black Toner Hi
    016-1804-00 Xerox Phsr 750 Cyan Toner
    016-1825-00 Xerox Phsr 850 Cyan Clrstix Hi
    016-1826-00 Xerox Phsr 850 Mgnt Clrstix Hi
    016-1827-00 Xerox Phsr 850 Ylw Clrstix Hi
    016-1834-00 Xerox Phsr 850 Maint Kit
    016-1841-00 Xerox Phsr 750 Imaging Kit
    016-1843-00 Xerox Phsr 750 Fuser Roll
    016-1864-00 Xerox Phsr 780 Imaging Kit
    016-1865-00 Xerox Phsr 780 Waste Toner
    016-1879-00 Xerox Phsr 7700 Cyan Toner
    016-1880-00 Xerox Phsr 7700 Magenta Toner
    016-1881-00 Xerox Phsr 7700 Yellow Toner
    016-1882-00 Xerox Phsr 7700 Black Toner
    016-1883-00 Xerox Phsr 7700 Imaging Drums
    016-1886-00 Xerox Phsr 7700 Drum Kit
    016-1887-00 Xerox Phsr 7700 110V Fuser
    016-1890-00 Xerox Phsr 7700 Transfer Rollr
    016-1903-01 Xerox Phsr 860 Color Ii Cyan
    016-1904-01 Xerox Phsr 860 Color Ii Magnta
    016-1905-01 Xerox Phsr 860 Color Ii Yellow
    016-1906-01 Xerox Phsr 860 Cyan 2/Pk
    016-1907-01 Xerox Phsr 860 Magenta 2/Pk
    016-1908-01 Xerox Phsr 860 Yellow 2/Pk
    016-1913-00 Xerox Phsr 2135 Black Toner
    016-1916-00 Xerox Phsr 2135 Yellow Toner
    016-1918-00 Xerox Phsr 2135 Cyan Toner Hi
    016-1919-00 Xerox Phsr 2135 Magenta Tnr Hi
    016-1920-00 Xerox Phsr 2135 Yellow Tnr Hi
    016-1921-00 Xerox Phsr 2135 Black Drum
    016-1922-00 Xerox Phsr 2135 Cyan Drum
    016-1923-00 Xerox phsr 2135 magenta drum
    016-1924-00 Xerox Phsr 2135 Magenta Drum
    016-1932-00 Xerox Phsr 2135 Yellow Drum
    016-1933-00 Xerox Phsr 860/8200 Main Kit
    016-1944-00 Xerox Phsr 860 Maintenance Kit
    016-1945-00 Xerox Phsr 7700 Cyan Toner Hi
    016-1946-00 Xerox Phsr 7700 Magenta Tnr Hi
    016-1947-00  Xerox Phsr 7700 Yellow Tnr Hi
    016-1973-00 Xerox Phaser 7700/ Hi Yield (Black) Toner
    016-1974-00 Xerox Phsr 7300 Cyan Toner
    016-1975-00 Xerox Phsr 7300 Magenta Toner
    016-1976-00 Xerox Phsr 7300 Yellow Toner
    016-1977-00 Xerox Phsr 7300 Black Toner
    016-1978-00 Xerox Phsr 7300 Cyan Toner Hi
    016-1979-00 Xerox Phsr 7300 Mgnta Toner Hi
    016-1980-00 Xerox Phsr 7300 Ylw Toner Hi
    016-1993-00 Xerox Phsr 7300 Black Toner Hi
    016-1994-00 Xerox Phsr 7300 Cyan Drum
    016-1995-00 Xerox Phsr 7300 Magenta Drum
    016-1996-00 Xerox Phsr 7300 Yellow Drum
    016-1997-00 Xerox Phsr 7300 Black Imag Kit
    016-1998-00 Xerox Phsr 7300 Color Imaging
    016-2000-01 Xerox Phsr 7300 Oil Free Fuser
    016-2001-00 Xerox Phsr 7300 Transfer Unit
    016-2002-00 Xerox Phsr 6200 Cyan Toner
    016-2003-00 Xerox Phsr 6200 Magenta Toner
    016-2004-00 Xerox Phsr 6200 Yellow Toner
    016-2005-00 Xerox Phsr 6200 Black Toner
    016-2006-00 Xerox Phsr 6200 Cyan Toner Hi
    016-2007-00 Xerox Phsr 6200 Mgnta Toner Hi
    016-2008-00 Xerox Phsr 6200 Ylw Toner Hi
    016-2012-00 Xerox Phsr 6200 Black Toner Hi
    016-2014-00 Xerox Phsr 6200 Imaging Kit
    016-2019-00 Xerox Phsr 6200 Fuser
    016-2040-00 Xerox Phsr 860 Black  5/Pk
    016-2041-00 Xerox Phsr 8200 Black 5/Pk
    016-2042-00 Xerox Phsr 8200 Cyan 2/Pk
    016-2043-00 Xerox Phsr 8200 Magenta
    016-2044-00 Xerox Phsr 8200 Yellow 2/
    016-2045-00 Xerox Phsr 8200 Black 10/Pk
    016-2046-00 Xerox Phsr 8200 Cyan 5/Pk
    016-2047-00 Xerox Phsr 8200 Magenta 5/Pk
    101R00419 Xerox Phsr 8200 Yellow 5/Pk
    101R00421 Xerox Phsr 1235 Transfer Belt
    106R001371  Xerox Phsr 7400 Transfer Unit
    106R00402 Xerox Phaser 3600 Toner
    106R00404 Xerox Workcentre Pro Toner
    106R00461 Xerox Workcentre Pro Toner 665
    106R00462 Xerox Phsr 3400 Black Toner
    106R00584 Xerox Phsr 3400 Black Toner Hi
    106R00652 Xerox Workcentre Pro Toner 412
    106R00653 Xerox Phsr 7750 Black Toner
    106R00654 Xerox Phsr 7750 Cyan Toner
    106R00655 Xerox Phsr 7750 Magenta Toner
    106R00668 Xerox Phsr 7750 Yellow Toner
    106R00669 Xerox Phsr 6250 Cyan Toner
    106R00670 Xerox Phsr 6250 Magenta Toner
    106R00671 Xerox Phsr 6250 Yellow Toner
    106R00672 Xerox Phsr 6250 Black Toner
    106R00673 Xerox Phsr 6250 Cyan Toner Hi
    106R00674 Xerox Phsr 6250 Magenta Tnr Hi
    106R00675 Xerox Phsr 6250 Yellow Tnr Hi
    106R00676 Xerox Phsr 6250 Black Toner Hi
    106R00677 Xerox Phsr 6100 Cyan Toner
    106R00678 Xerox Phsr 6100 Magenta Toner
    106R00679 Xerox Phsr 6100 Yellow Toner
    106R00680 Xerox Phsr 6100 Black Toner
    106R00681 Xerox Phsr 6100 Cyan Toner Hi
    106R00682 Xerox Phsr 6100 Yellow Tnr Hi
    106R00683 Xerox Phsr 6100 Waste Toner
    106R00684 Xerox Phsr 6100 Black Toner Hi
    106R00687 Xerox Phsr 3450 Black Toner
    106R00688 Xerox Phsr 3450 Black Toner Hi
    106R01047 Xerox Workcentre Pro Toner C20
    106R01073 Xerox Phsr 6300 Cyan Toner
    106R01074 Xerox Phsr 6300 Magenta Toner
    106R01075 Xerox Phaser 6300 Yellow Toner
    106R01076 Xerox Phsr 6300 Black Toner
    106R01077 Xerox Phsr 7400 Cyan Toner Hi
    106R01078 Xerox Phsr 7400 Magenta Tnr Hi
    106R01079 Xerox Phsr 7400 Yellow Tnr Hi
    106R01080 Xerox Phsr 7400 Black Toner Hi
    106R01081 Xerox Phsr 7400 Waste Ctdg
    106R01082 Xerox Phsr 6300 Cyan Toner Hi
    106R01083 Xerox Phsr 6300 Magenta Tnr Hi
    106R01084 Xerox Phsr 6300 Yellow Tnr Hi
    106R01085 Xerox Phsr 6300 Black Toner Hi
    106R01144 Xerox Phsr 6350 Cyan Toner Hi
    106R01145 Xerox Phsr 6350 Magenta Tnr Hi
    106R01146 Xerox Phsr 6350 Yellow Tnr Hi
    106R01147 Xerox Phsr 6350 Black Tnr Hi
    106R01148 Xerox Phaser 3500 Black Toner
    106R01149 Xerox Phsr 3500 Black Toner Hi
    106R01150 Xerox Phsr 7400 Cyan Toner
    106R01151 Xerox Phsr 7400 Magenta Toner
    106R01152 Xerox Phsr 7400 Yellow Toner
    106R01160 Xerox Phsr 7760 Cyan Toner
    106R01161 Xerox Phsr 7760 Magenta Toner
    106R01162 Xerox Phsr 7760 Yellow Toner
    106R01163 Xerox Phsr 7760 Black Toner
    106R01214 Xerox Phsr 6360 Cyan Toner
    106R01215 Xerox Phsr 6360 Magenta Toner
    106R01216 Xerox Phsr 6360 Yellow Toner
    106R01217 Xerox Phsr 6360 Black Toner
    106R01218 Xerox Phsr 6360 Cyan Hi
    106R01219 Xerox Phsr 6360 Magenta Hi
    106R01220 Xerox Phsr 6360 Yellow Hi
    106R01221 Xerox Phsr 6360 Black Hi
    106R01246   Xerox Phaser 3428 Toner
    106R01271 Xerox Phsr 6110 Cyan Toner
    106R01272 Xerox Phsr 6110 Magenta Toner
    106R01273 Xerox Phsr 6110 Yellow Toner
    106R01274 Xerox Phsr 6110 Black Toner
    106R01278  Xerox Phaser 6130 Cyan Toner
    106R01279  Xerox Phaser 6130 Magenta Toner
    106R01280  Xerox Phaser 6130 Yellow Toner
    106R01281  Xerox Phaser 6130 Black Toner
    106R01294  Xerox Phaser 5550 Toner
    106R01388  Xerox Phaser 6280 Cyan Toner
    106R01389  Xerox Phaser 6280 Magenta Toner
    106R01390  Xerox Phaser 6280 Yellow Toner
    106R01391  Xerox Phaser 6280 Black Toner
    106R364 Xerox Docuprint P8
    106R402 Xerox Wc 555/575
    106R442 Xerox Document Printer P1210
    106R462 Xerox Phaser 3400
    106R482 Xerox Xl 2120/2130
    106R652  Xerox Xerox Phaser 7750 Series/ Hi Yield (Black) Toner
    106R653  Xerox Phaser 7750 Series/ Hi Yield (Cyan) Toner
    106R654  Xerox Phaser 7750 Series/ Hi Yield (Magenta) Toner
    106R655  Xerox Phaser 7750 Series/ Hi Yield (Yellow) Toner
    106R688 Xerox Phaser3400 High Yield
    108R00575 Xerox Phsr 7750 Waste Ctdg
    108R00579 Xerox Phsr 7750 Transfer Roll
    108R00580 Xerox Phsr 7750 Belt
    108R00581 Xerox Phsr 7750 Imaging Unit
    108R00591 Xerox Phsr 6250 Imaging Unit
    108R00592 Xerox Phsr 6250/6200 Transfer
    108R00593 Xerox Phsr 6100 Imaging Unit
    108R00594 Xerox Phsr 6100 Transfer Unit
    108R00600 Xerox Phsr 4500 Maint Kit 110V
    108R00602 Xerox Phsr 8400 Maint Kit
    108R00603 Xerox Phsr 8400 Maint Kit Ext
    108R00604 Xerox Phsr 8400 Black  3/Pk
    108R00605 Xerox Phsr 8400 Cyan  3/Pk
    108R00606 Xerox Phsr 8400 Magenta 3/Pk
    108R00607 Xerox Phsr 8400 Yellow 3/Pk
    108R00608 Xerox Phsr 8400 Black 6/Pk
    108R00645 Xerox Phsr 6300/50 Img Unit
    108R00646 Xerox Phsr 6300 Transfer Roll
    108R00647 Xerox Phsr 7400 Cyan Image Unt
    108R00648 Xerox Phsr 7400 Mag Image Unit
    108R00649 Xerox Phsr 7400 Yel Image Unit
    108R00650 Xerox Phsr 7400 Blk Image Unit
    108R00657 Xerox C2424 Maint Kit Ext
    108R00660 Xerox Workcentre C2424 Cyan
    108R00661 Xerox Workcentre C2424 Magenta
    108R00662 Xerox Workcentre C2424 Yellow
    108R00663 Xerox Workcentre C2424 Black
    108R00664 Xerox Workcntr C2424 Blk 6/Pk
    108R00668 Xerox Phsr 8500/8550 Blk 3/Pk
    108R00669 Xerox Phsr 8500/8550 Cyan 3/Pk
    108R00670 Xerox Phsr 8500/8550 Mag 3/Pk
    108R00671 Xerox Phsr 8500/8550 Ylw 3/Pk
    108R00672 Xerox Phsr 8500/8550 Blk 6/Pk
    108R00675 Xerox Phsr 8500/8550 Maint Kit
    108R00676 Xerox Phsr 8550 Maint Kit Ext
    108R00691 Xerox Phsr 6120 Black Image
    108R00697 Xerox Phsr 7400 Image Unit Pk
    108R00713 Xerox Phsr 7760 Image Unit
    108R00717 Xerox Phsr 4510 Maint Kit 110V
    108R00723 Xerox Phsr 8560 Cyan 3/Pk
    108R00724 Xerox Phsr 8560 Magenta 3/Pk
    108R00725 Xerox Phsr 8560 Yellow 3/Pk
    108R00726 Xerox Phsr 8560 Black 3/Pk
    108R00727 Xerox Phsr 8560 Black 6/Pk
    108R00749  Xerox Phaser 8860Dn/8860Mfp/Dn  Color Ptr. (7/Box) (Blk)Solid Ink Sticks
    109R00048 Xerox N4525 Maintenance Kit
    109R00521 Xerox Phsr 5400 Maint Kit 110V
    109R00639  Xerox Phaser 3210 Toner
    109R00725 Xerox Phsr 3130 Print Toner
    109R00725  Xerox Phaser 3130 Laser Toner
    109R00731 Xerox Phsr 5500 Maint Kit 110V
    109R00736 Xerox Phsr 8400 Waste Ctdg
    109R00746 Xerox Phsr 3150 Print Toner
    109R00747  Xerox Phaser 3150 Laser Toner
    109R00754 Xerox Phsr 8500 Waste Ctdg
    113R00095 Xerox 4517 N17 Black Print Tnr
    113R00173 Xerox N24/N32 Black Toner
    113R00195 Xerox Docuprint 4525 Print Tnr
    113R00265 Xerox 4508 Black Toner
    113R00296 Xerox P8E/P8Ex Black Toner
    113R00446 Xerox N2125/N215B Print Toner
    113R00459 Xerox Wcp 665/85/765/85  Drum
    113R00495 Xerox Phsr 5400 Black Toner
    113R00627 Xerox Phsr 4400 Black Toner
    113R00628 Xerox Phsr 4400 Black Toner Hi
    113R00656 Xerox Phsr 4500 Black Toner
    113R00657 Xerox Phsr 4500 Black Toner Hi
    113R00663 Xerox Workcentre Pro 412 Drum
    113R00668 Xerox Phsr 5500 Print Toner
    113R00670 Xerox Phsr 5500 Drum
    113R00671 Xerox C20/M20/C20I Drum
    113R00689 Xerox Phsr 6120 Cyan Toner
    113R00690 Xerox Phsr 6120 Yellow Toner
    113R00691 Xerox Phsr 6120 Mgnta Tnr
    113R00695 Xerox Phsr 6120 Magenta Tnr Hi
    113R00711 Xerox Phsr 4510 Black Toner
    113R00712 Xerox Phsr 4510 Black Toner Hi
    113R00719 Xerox Phsr 6180 Cyan Toner
    113R00720 Xerox Phsr 6180 Magenta Toner
    113R00721 Xerox Phsr 6180 Yellow Toner
    113R00722 Xerox Phsr 6180 Black Toner
    113R00723 Xerox Phsr 6180 Cyan Tnr Hi
    113R00724 Xerox Phsr 6180 Magenta Tnr Hi
    113R00725 Xerox Phsr 6180 Yellow Tnr Hi
    113R00726 Xerox Phsr 6180 Black Tnr Hi
    113R00730  Xerox  Phaser 3200 Toner
    113R173 Xerox Docuprint N24/32/40/3225/4025
    113R296 Xerox Wc 385
    113R446 Xerox Document Printer N2125
    113R457 Xerox Wc 555/575 Drum
    113R462 Xerox Wc 390
    113R628 Xerox Phaser 4400
    113R657 Xerox Phaser 4500
    113R95 Xerox Document Printer 4517/4517Mp/N17
    115R00025 Xerox Phsr 7750 110V Fuser
    115R00029 Xerox Phsr 6250 110V Fuser
    115R00035 Xerox Phsr 6300/50 Fuser
    115R00037 Xerox Phsr 7400 Maint Kit 110V
    115R00055 Xerox Phsr 6360 Fuser 110V
    13R00606  Xerox  Pe 120/P120I Toner
    13R296 Xerox Docuprint P8E/P8Ex Wc 385
    13R50 5008/5240/5260/5280 Drum
    13R544 Xerox Xc 800/1000/1200 Series Drum
    13R548 Xerox Docuprint P12
    13R55 Xerox 5009/5309/5310 Drum
    13R551 Xerox Xd 100/102/103F/105F/120F/130/Xl 2120 Drum
    13R553 Xerox Xe 60/62/80/82 Drum
    13R563 Xerox Wc Pro 16 Fx/P Drum
    13R8 Xerox 1012 Copy Cartridge
    13R9 Xerox 5018/5021/5328/5824 Drum
    6R244 Xerox 5018/5021/5328/5824
    6R287 Xerox 7041/7042
    6R333 Xerox Xc 520/540/560/580
    6R343 Xerox 5008/5240/5260/5280
    6R359 Xerox 5009/5309/5310
    6R737 Xerox 5201/5203/5305/Xc300
    6R881 Xerox Xc 800/1000/1200 Series
    6R914 Xerox Xd 100/102/103F/105F/120F/130/155F
    6R916 Xerox Xe 60/62/80/82
    6R972 Xerox Wc Pro 16 Fx/P
    8R3626 Xerox 7020/7021 (2 Ribbons)
    8R3683 Xerox 7032/7033 (2 Ribbons)
    8R3816 Xerox 7024/7280 (2 Ribbons)